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PhysioGo 701I PhysioGo 701I PhysioGo 701I PhysioGo 701I PhysioGo 701I
PhysioGo 701I
PhysioGo 701I PhysioGo 701I PhysioGo 701I PhysioGo 701I

PhysioGo 701I

Product Details:


Product Description

• operation in CC (stabilized output current) and CV (stabilized output voltage) modes
• electrodes test
• generation of unidirectional (unipolar) currents in interrupted mode
• complete galvanic isolation between channels in each mode
– interferential (dynamic, isoplanar, one-channel (AMF))
– TENS (symmetric, asymmetric, alternating, burst)
– TENS to spastic paralysis therapy
– Kotz’ / Russian stimulation
– tonolysis
– diadynamic (MF, DF, CP, CP-ISO, LP)
– pulse – rectangular, triangular
– Trabert pulse, Leduc’ pulse
– unipolar sine surge
– galvanic
– microcurrents

• electrodiagnostics with graphic presentation of I/t curve
• automatic calculation of rheobase, chronaxie as well as accommodation coefficient
• operation frequency 1 MHz/3,5 MHz
• effective radiation area 1 cm2 and 4 cm2
• continuous emission – thermal effect
• pulse emission – micro massage effect
• ultrasound heads provided with the contact control connected to treatment timer
• precise control over the ultrasound wave emission during performed treatment
• head sensitivity calibration
• automatic control of emitted power 

• laser radiation emission in continuous and pulse mode
• regulation of laser power radiation
• automatic laser power measurement test
• optical fiber applicators for laserpuncture and special applications (laryngology, dentistry, etc)
• frequency and duty factor regulation in pulse mode for point probes and cluster laser applicator
• frequency regulation for scanning laser applicators
• treatment area irradiation modes for scanning laser applicators
• automatic treatment time calculation on the basis of treatment parameters – dosage, power,
duty factor, treatment area
• optional – magnetic field application with the use of one or two coupled applicators
• convenient fastening of applicators by velcro belts
• field type: sine, triangular, rectangular, half sine, half triangular, half rectangular
• continuous and pulse emission
• wide range of frequencies

complete control over parameters for advanced users
• 382 preset treatment programs
• 400 user-defined programs
• 382 favorite programs
• 30 programs with Voll frequency
• 8 programs with Nogier frequency
• 38 preset treatment sequences for electrotherapy
• 10 user-defined sequences for electrotherapy

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